Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Online Stenograph Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council

Proto-Bletchley Park decoding.
Proto-Bletchley Park decoding of .sgstn StenoGraph StenoNote records of Boston City Clerk Maureen Feeney, the former City Council President

Guidelines. Records Management. Historic Preservation.
City Stenographer Ellen M. Fritch Lenaghan should follow Massachusetts Guidelines for Records Management and Historical Preservation of Records leaving the original record at City Hall in accord with Contract Article 2.3

Stenograph Record.
Online Stenograph Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council

City of Cambridge uses the better Stenographic Service https://twitter.com/ReportersInc

Transcript of Captions.
Online Transcript of Captions for hard of hearing on webcasts/cablecasts of Public Meetings of Boston City Council
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Councilor Baker hard of hearing.
Boston City Councilor Frank Baker remarked being hard of hearing at a recent Public Meeting of Boston City Council.

Ask Disabilities Commissioner Kristen McCosh for the unedited full text Stenograph Record of Public Meetings of Boston City Council for
hard of hearing / deaf
This is a public record of interest to hard of hearing folks, tinnitis ringing in the ears, deaf, ESL English as a Second Language folks, concussion recovery, stroke recovery folks, folks with cognitive difficulty, dyslexic, ADD, ADHD attention deficit, elderly, folks in city neighborhoods far afield of City Hall, Hyde Park folks, Mattapan folks, Orient Heights folks, folks with difficulty to tolerate hard aggravating public seats of the Council Chamber sidelined for lack of access to the plain text full Stenographic Record of the Public Meetings of Boston City Council.